The services we provide are many. They include

Legal advice

We provide legal advice on a wide range of issues.

Incorporation, company secretarial services (administration) and domiciliation of business

As you set up your business, we help you navigate Nigerian laws, regulations, and requirements and can perform many of the tasks on your behalf.  Through Convergence Attorneys, you can have your own address in Abuja together with all the necessary incorporation, administration and domiciliation services to keep your business effectively represented.


Litigation is one of many options available to businesses as part of their offensive and defensive strategies. We handle efficiently and effectively all of the details and issues that may arise at any stage of both simple and complex litigation.

Alternative dispute resolution

We recognize that protracted litigation sometimes represents a “no-win” situation for both sides, and we therefore work with clients to develop alternatives to traditional litigation, such as mediation and negotiation.

Labour and employment

We help you with your issues concerning relations between employers and employees, their rights and obligations, employment contracts etc.

Intellectual property

We have experience working with the trademark and copyright offices, agents and practitioners. We advise large and small businesses in a wide variety of industries on the maximization of their current trademark portfolios and selection of new marks for products and services.   Our experience extends to transactional issues managing all types of trade mark  and copyright disputes, including domain names litigation.

Real estate and property

We perform due diligence on your real estate and property transactions to allow you to take informed decisions based on reliable information

Public entities

We can assist you or even represent you in your dealings with any public entities responsible for such diverse matters as taxation issues, vehicle registration, import procedures, immigration and residency etc.  Our location in the heart of Abuja, the Nation’s capital, is a strategic advantage in that respect

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